E olha só quem veio visitar São Paulo

Olha só quem veio visitar São Paulo! A Angelika, que conheci lá em Urubici.

Ela já está voltando para Áustria, mas deixando sua motocicleta no Brasil, porque quer retornar para conhecer mais deste nosso país imenso!

Muito feliz com essa nova amizade que nasceu na estrada.


Vou compartilhar aqui com vocês o texto da Angie sobre sua motocicleta:

about the questions to my motorcycle ..

I bought it in Colombia (24.12.2015 with 0 km ) and without any idea how to drive this bike .. so when the guy give me the key to my new travel buddy.I ask him “sorry, but can you show me how it works ?” (Image his Face , he lost it) But he was very Kind and i learn fast (two rounds around the corner then I left ) !
the BIG adventure starts …

until now I got 23.000 km ,we visit 7 country’s (Colombia , Ecuador,Peru ,Bolivia,Argentina,Chile and Brazil ) ,a lot of bad streets , off road , sand , stones and terrible traffic but i only had 1 flat tire all the way down and absolute no problem with the Mechanic (probably the only thing that I know about the technic is … how to put some air in it . I’m really good in this 😎) !
we went from the beaches , to the Andes (the highest point was 4540m ) we had all weather conditions (snow, rain , a lot of WIND , hot , cold ) and because of this we had 2 accident (some parts in the front was broken and I was a bit blue , nothing super dramatic)

…. there was also some difficult situation where I start asking myself ????

*WHY* you are doing this ?

I was crying because I couldn’t feel my fingers , or there was so much rain or a truck crashed me almost… but I survived and I’m still alive .. 🙏🏻👋🏼!

the maximum that I drive in one day was 1050 km it only takes 14 h (I can not listen anymore to my iPod)…
so everything is possible even with a small bike !

I love the Freedom what you get when you drive , I can go every time where ever I wanna go , I don’t need to take a bus or a taxi !

!!!!! this is my FREEDOM !!!

right now mi amor is waiting for me in brazil to continue the travel I hope I can return soon ! I’m pretty sure that I gona miss my Yamaha a lot but I know he is in good hands ! 🏍💪🏼✌🏾🙃😘 #yamaha#youaretheonlyone#love #adventure#aroundsouthamerica #freedom #nevergiveup#everythinghappensforareason #returninghome#justforabit #seeyousoon#keeptravelingtogether#promise

— em Austria

Lembram do que eu disse sobre pessoas inspiradoras?


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